Recovering A PowerEdge Takes Smarts

dellpweredgeThe world is a far more digital place than it was even just thirty years ago. Many jobs have been digitized which generally makes it easier. People are able to work together from all corners of the world with ease and even in domestic offices technology has allowed productivity to increase. By using servers companies can allow their workers to access and update information quickly and to share it with those on and off site, provided they are connected to the network.

Networks are wonderful creations that allow employees to upload and access data at any given time. If one person is editing the document and then they save it the networks generally allows another person to access the updated version within seconds. Servers allow companies to organize and increase their storage space and keep all their data in a centralized location which makes it easier to access. A company of any size can benefit from servers and networks as they are all designed to make life easier, not harder, which most employees and employers enjoy. We spend most of our lives at work so we want to make sure we are doing productive work in an easy fashion so that we don’t die at our desks.

One of the more common server configurations is the Dell PowerEdge RAID. The RAID 5 is the most common set up for Dell PowerEdge which can make it easier if you find yourself facing a RAID failure. Failures can be either physical or logistical which can help you narrow down the repair options. Physical issues are if a part of the actual hard drive has broken and needs repair. Logistical is when software malfunctions. The benefit to using the sort of package deal of having your RAID discs and your controller software developed by the same company, as Dell PowerEdge RAID does, is that if there is a failure you know it’s not going to just be compatibility issues. You will also be able to narrow down what company or business you want to hire to fix the issue as you will need to investigate one that has experience with your particular server.

There are some common issues with Dell PowerEdge RAID such as Drive Drops, Single Hard Drive Failure and Reconstruction Failure which the company you look into should have ample experience with. The important thing to realize is that you should not attempt repair yourself. If you are not a trained technician or engineer you may be causing more harm than good if you try to do it on your own.

The good thing to know is that Dell PowerEdge RAID failures are recoverable and there are businesses out there with the experience you need to get your data back from the edge of nothingness. The companies with the experience are going to display that information prominently on the marketing material. They will have it on their websites and if you decide to contact them directly they should be able to give you specific examples of what size of RAID they have recovered and what sorts of problems they have dealt with. The importance of selecting a specialist who deals with Dell PowerEdge RAID is that they will most likely have seen your particular issue before. This means if they have seen it, they have recovered it. If they have recovered it before they know what does and does not work which can save your company time and money. Some of the key points of a thriving, successful business are to make your money work for you and that time is money. And who doesn’t want to be successful?

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